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Aphrodisia Scented Massage Oil by Bijoux Indiscrets

Penetrates The Senses & Takes Them To Another Level Based on a secret formula inspired by the Kama Sutra, notes of jasmine, hardwood and spices, sweet rose and an exotic... Learn More

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Aphrodisia Wanderlust Kit by Bijoux Indiscrets

Start A Unique Journey Perfect For Any Occasion To Come On this trip, passion is the map and the itinerary is set by your desire. Feelings are the shortest way... Learn More
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Body Mist Aphrodisia by Bijoux Indiscrets

A Fragrance That Can Never Go Unnoticed A hypnotic fragrance, made from a secret formula, that captivates the senses. Dew from the garden of delights combined with the elegance of... Learn More

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Happily Ever After Gift Set Red Label

We All Want To Live Happily Ever After From the dawn of time up to the present day, great stories of passionate love that has transcended all barriers have come... Learn More

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L'essence Du Boudoir Linen Spray

Perfect For Creating That Love Is In The Air Moment The scent is a mixture of the sweetness of Rose, the exoticism of Jasmine and the erotic power of Ylang... Learn More

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Melt My Heart Aphrodisia Massage Candle

The Secret Recipe For a sensual massage with aroma of Aphrodisia, light the candle and wait a few minutes until the wax and essences melt together to form a rich... Learn More

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Poeme Dark Chocolate Body Paint by Bijoux Indiscrets

Time To Play With Your Deepest Desires The most passionate verses penetrate the skin with all the intensity of the cocoa bean to stir the deepest desires. Body painting with... Learn More

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Wanderlust Dark Chocolate Kit by Bijoux Indiscrets

A Little Journey Away From Home Start a unique journey down the senses road and become a pleasure traveler. On this trip, passion is the map and the itinerary is... Learn More
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