Douches & Enemas

Aqua Shot Cleansing System

Perfect For All Your Personal Cleansing Needs! This intimate cleansing kit comes with a smooth, deep penetrating nozzle and a 79 inch hose, designed to get in all your hard... Learn More

$ 39.99

Clean Stream Double Bulb Nozzle

Make Enema Play More Enjoyable Each bulb is controlled by its own pump, allowing you to vary the size of each as desired. Simply insert the first bulb into your... Learn More

$ 99.99

Colt Advanced Shower Shot

A Step Up From Your Favorite Cleansing System Advanced hygienically superior cleaning system. Universal adaptor with permanent directional valve allows user to quickly switch from the faucet or shower to... Learn More

$ 72.99

Colt Shower Shot

Here Is A Great Way To Surprise Your Partner In The Shower  The COLT shower shot water dong is a blast of water sexual sensation; HOT or COLD you choose!... Learn More

$ 43.99

Colt the Guyser

The Perfect Tool To Clean Up Before Hot & Heavy Play The Guyser is a reusable anal douche tool that assembles securely and divides into two parts for easy maintenance.The... Learn More

$ 39.99