Don Juan Anal & Vaginal Probe

Why Watch? When You Can Experience Mystim's Don Juan is a vaginal and anal probe that originated in the medical branch. His light weight and organic shape make him especially... Learn More

$ 93.99

ElectraStim Nona

Designed Especially With Women In Mind Not to say that the boys can not enjoy this top-heavy probe, the tapered stem and anchored base make Nona ideal for anal play... Learn More

$ 125.99

Hello Touch X

It's Back For More As versatile and mobile as your fingers, Hello Touch X lets you massage, pinch and please, unlike with any other pleasure product, with your choice of... Learn More

$ 144.99

Mystim Tingly Timmy

Mystim Tingly Timmy

Twice The Excitement Tingly Timmy has four poles: conductive surfaces on the sides of the body with two additional ones on the extra finger that is placed directly on clitoris... Learn More

$ 126.99

-$ 199.99

Neon Wand Electrode Accessory Kit

Let's Step Fun Up A Notch Electro erotic accessory kit contains: one cloud attachment, one helix comb attachment, one condenser attachment, one dali attachment, one live wire, one mushroom, one... Learn More

$ 89.99