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GoodHead Fundamentals Kit

Looking For A Mind-Blowing Experience Down There? GoodHead Fundamentals provides everything you need for wonderful oral pleasure, time after time! The Sweet Strawberry-flavored GoodHead Oral Delight Gel will turn your... Learn More

$ 22.99

GoodHead Kit For Her

Transforming Average Head Into GoodHead The GoodHead Kit for HER provides everything you need to give her some extra-special oral love. Flavored GoodHead lip balm will have your lips in... Learn More

$ 24.99

GoodHead Kit for Him

Feels Like You Died And Went To Head Heaven The GoodHead Kit for HIM provides all the essential oral sex tools to make something already wonderful....even more "wonderfuller". Flavored GoodHead... Learn More

$ 24.99

Lick Me Female Enhance Cream by 69 ( Mint )

A Tingle & A Tease To Start The Night Of Right Enjoy fantastic oral that is punctuated by the sweetest taste and a tingle you can never imagine that will... Learn More

$ 21.99

On Arousal Oil For Her

Warm & Extremely Unique Buzzing Sensation For A Women's Playtime Using ON Arousal Oil, will help a woman's body respond more easily to physical stimulation, and give her the type... Learn More

$ 24.99

Oral Sex She'll Never Forget by Sonia Borg

Techniques That Will Drive Her Wild! For many women intercourse is not enough to get them from oh to oh-yes!. Getting a woman to orgasm has more to do with... Learn More

$ 29.99

Wanderlust Dark Chocolate Kit by Bijoux Indiscrets

A Little Journey Away From Home Start a unique journey down the senses road and become a pleasure traveler. On this trip, passion is the map and the itinerary is... Learn More
$ 34.99 Sold Out

Wanna Be Aroused Oral Sex Gel

Diva-licious Arousal & Pleasure During Oral Intimacy Made with lubricious ingredients to produce a smooth, satisfying action. Ingredients and benefits: Honey extract skin lubricating, moisturizing and sugar-free version. Honeysuckle flower... Learn More

$ 15.99