Beau Brute For Men w/ Pheromones

Beguile Me, Breathe Me In, I Am Your Beau Brute My presence commands you, my gaze rattles you, my touch enslaves you to the moment. Unlock your partner`s carnal desires... Learn More

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Blow Me Male Enhance Cream by 69 ( Strawberry )

You Know What You Want 69's Blow Me Strawberry Male Stimulation Cream will help you get it! The sweet taste of strawberry will keep her coming back for more. The... Learn More

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Daring Anal Spray by Intimate Organics

Free Of Numbing & Desensitizing Agents For Safe & Comfortable Anal Play Using organic extracts and ingredients, it simply gently relaxes the anus for easy penetration, allowing the user to... Learn More

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Gun Oil by Empowered

All Is Fair In Love & Ware Gun Oil is a high quality silicone based lubricant with added vitamin E and Aloe Vera for a smooth non-irritating feel. Like all... Learn More

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Invade Deep Fisting Cream

The Cream Of The Crop This ultra lubricating priming cream provides just the right amount of numbing to make it ideal for all types of anal stretching play. Specifically formulated... Learn More

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JO Anal Premium

Specially Formulated For The Best Idea Of Anal Sex The long lasting formula will enhance your sense of pleasure and provide ample lubrication when you need it. Silicone lubes are... Learn More

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Lighten Up & Relax

Double The Fun For Anal Play A great 2 Pack for anal care! Lighten Up Anal Lightener uses a gentle cream formula to provide an even, natural skin tone and... Learn More

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Lubricant Arouses & Releases Sensations by Trojan

Unleash The Experience Take yourself to the edge and beyond for a whole new kind of orgasmic experience. Your movement helps to unlock the motion-activated intensifier. For foreplay massage and... Learn More

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New Moon Skin Lightning Cream

Change The Way That Intimate Bleaching Is Perceived & Performed There are many reasons that New Moon is considered such exciting new products and is sweeping the health and beauty... Learn More

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Pjur Backdoor Glide

Designed Especially For Anal Intercourse Precious jojoba extracts have a relaxing effect and give it a specially long lasting lubricating effect. Condom safe. Perfect for use in combination with Pjur... Learn More

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Plump Enhancement Cream For Men

Discover The Sex God In You Plump Enhancement Cream for Men is designed to intensify your sexual experience by helping you look and feel bigger. Shhhh...the secret is in the... Learn More

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Sliquid Sea w/ Carragreen

A Safe Wave Of Fun For You & Your Partner Sliquid Sea is a water based and water soluble personal lubricant, blended with hand selected natural seaweed extracts. Each extract... Learn More

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