9 No No's You Shouldn't Do On A First Date

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We either heard about them, saw them or experienced them. Those dreadful first dates that you wish never happen to you or someone you care about. It's a funny thing sometimes and sometimes it can scar you for attempting to meet new people anytime soon. But if your one of the lucky ones who never had such a terrible or embarrassing moment happen, I'm here to help. By giving you the 9 no no's you shouldn't do on a first date. So let's get started.
" ... they either don't really take the date or possibly you to seriously "
Do not get drunk
You think this would be a obvious one but nope, it still happens. If you're on a date with someone who obviously had one to many, they either don't really take the date or possibly you to seriously. And trust after that the feeling is mutual. You would want to be as coherent as possible with your date because you are getting to know them. It's better to feel someone out to see how compatible your interests are. Because if not, you could be wasting a lot of your time in the future with a complete stranger or just making a complete fool of yourself.
Don't look at your phone more than you look at your date
It happens all the time now. If you really want the night to go by smoothly, and possibly you carry some interest in the person, Snapchat can wait. So can Twitter, Facebook, Cookie Jam etc. Showing that you are interested in your date by not showing interest at all isn't reverse psychology, it's just plain rude. So with out of doubt, don't do this whatsoever because it's hard to go on a second date when there wasn't really a first one to begin with.
Don't give to much information
Getting to know each other is one thing, giving that person your exclusive autobiography is another. Try to steer away from too many personal topics. Favorite movie, music, places to go, leisure activities are all cool. anything about future family plans, ex partners, medical treatments or concerns are all a big NO. Start off on the right foot.
Don't touch on what each other's financial situation
Bragging about how well off your are will definitely send the wrong signals. Also complaining about how broke you are and your pray to survive another everyday puts a bit of a burden on your date. So don't want to make them feel uncomfortable as if spending time with you might become charity. And you don't want to feed into the "I only do the finer things" bit because it's a chance your lying or now when that person looks at you that's all they see and expect. Let them like you for you not what your assets are worth.
Don't confess
If there are any interior motives outside of having a good time with someone new, don't bring it up. There have been plenty of times someone on a date not only decided to bring up a ex but also inform their date that the reason they are here is because of them. Trying to make someone else jealous, use your date as a rebound or had nothing else to do and wanted free food is not cute whatsoever. So telling your date that possibly will lead you into not having a second date and make you look kind of like an asshole.
Don't dress sloppy
Your favorite t-shirt or top from grade school that has a stain or two from old memorable nights out won't cut it. Nothing to tight,small or baggy. Dress like you give a damn because the impression your date will always remember.
Don't be rude
It's not that flattering to be considered the asshole in the window booth while on a first date. Being rude to your waiter, other dates or surrounding people or especially your date is unacceptable. Especially if you're doing it for no reason. That happens. A friend of mine experienced her first crappy date because the guy heard she doesn't like wimps from the person setting them up. So instead of showing her he has a backbone when needed he just decided to be a dick to anybody that looked their direction. Trust me it never works out so don't attempt it. You'll just be the lonely angry contact that your last date continues to ignore when you text.
Don't judge what they ordered to eat
Your probably a big fitness nut, they don't have to be. And if they are it's probably a cheat day. Don't make yourself out to be an opinionated jackass. Sit down, eat and enjoy what you ordered.
And, lastly don't do all the talking
It's perfectly fine to open up about the small things. But to berate the evening with only fun facts about yourself isn't the best option to take. Ask questions, let them talk and get to know the person that agreed to go with you. With a good balance conversation you can learn a lot about your compatibility and what is the next step for you.
Alright, so it looks like we covered the basics. Honestly, having this down packed you should be good to go. just being courteous, having manners and a sense of selflessness to a point can put the night into a positive light. Well good luck and remember, a couple of No's you set for yourself can lead to an exciting Yes someone has in store for you.