7 Frustrating Things Guys Hate During Oral Sex

His & Hers
Time and time again a certain percentage of women dread giving oral sex. Anything remotely sounding like "blowjob" they are ready to lose their lunch from a mental gag reflex. And if he brought up the word "head" without "& Shoulders" he might have planned to sleep on the couch all along and didn't even know it.

But what if I told you there are guys out there that are completely turned off by the idea due to past experiences. If it's not done right they don't want it at all. As uncommon as it sounds to you and you probably feel a bit offended because at least your doing it in the first place, do know it happens. And because of that we wanted to give you a heads up on the 7 most frustrating things guys hate during oral sex.
" Imagine if a guy decides to go down on you ... "
Men almost cringe at the idea of it sometimes. They DO NOT like the idea of something hard and sharp snagging them in their most vulnerable place. It gets uncomfortable and staring up at them while they are trying to hold their composure is the worst. To be honest there are a small percentage of guys that don't mind and might even like it. But don't paint the entire bunch with such a broad brush.
Your not acting the part
Imagine if a guy decides to go down on you. So as he pulls your panties off, gets down on his knees, spreads your thighs open and he starts to get closer. Soon as he gets close enough, he does super soft kitten licks that last a half a milli-second around the area but refuses to dive in like this is what he was born to do. Also as this happens he makes faces as if he opened and smelled a carton of milk in the back of the fridge not knowing it expired last week. You see how ridiculous that sounds and how turned off you'll be. Well... act like you care, they know the difference.
Grip is too soft
Even though they don't want any teeth doesn't mean you have to treat it like a newborn. Guys get annoyed when their isn't any power behind your grip. You don't have to hurt them but you can do it like you mean it. Use the force....(sorry for the poor Star Wars reference)
Too dry
Don't start a fire, gloss that scepter and hold it like the queen you are. Guys like it messy.
Too wet
I know, I know. This porridge is too hot; this ones to cold. Some guys don't want it to messy because they may feel the clean up is unnecessary. It's up to you and his connection and flow to decide what works for you two.
Not putting in enough work
Some guys really appreciate the process to make them climax. It really depends on the guy. Some may want one hand on their shaft while others might want their balls massaged. Some like both hands on the shaft. Some like a little p-spot (prostate) play with it. Depends on him and how much you want him to appreciate ALL that you do.
Quitting in the fourth quarter
Just like the "Your Not Acting the Part" point, put yourself in their shoes. Women get this point more times than guys (that I think) but if you don't; imagine this. He does everything he is suppose to do, no slip ups, touching the right places; the works. Right when you are in the home stretch, out of nowhere he lifts up and says, "Are you almost done this is taking to long," or "I'm done this is too gross". This happens. You would go crazy. Attempt to cut him crazy. So there you go. It may take sometime but meet him there with a big exhausting smile and a sticky trophy for him to clean up knowing you stuck it out like a champ.
Okay girls and guys it's not rocket science but it is work. And if it's with someone you care dearly about it's worth it. Trust me they have to go through the same thing. Knowing what works for you and what doesn't. And if they are in the same position as you they will want to perfect their technique too. Practice makes perfect. You got this, and if done right, consider all future arguments your win to take. Until next time :)